Majorana syrica oil
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 Majorana syrica oil

30 ml of oil that is used internally and externally that can be especially effective in treating

stomach pains, nausea, colds, ear pains, coughing, headaches, stomach worms, eczema,

gingivitis, and more. It can also be used as a disinfectant and expectorant, and is effective in

addressing  respiratory problems, wounds and dermatitis. Recommended for professional use

only – not allowed to be used during pregnancy, by those suffering from epilepsy, and for those

suffering from high blood pressure. 

The majorana syrica oil, in the form of drops, is effective in treating ear infections. Drinking a

spoonful of this oil daily helps those suffering from stomach pains, nausea and stomach worms.

Massages using this oil can be effective in treating headaches. Chest massages on infants using

this oil can be helpful in treating difficult and persistent coughing as well as respiratory

problems. Applying this oil between fingers and does can be effective in treating esczema and

peeling skin.