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#Squalene #Olive_Oil #Squalene
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 100 ml especially for Pure professionals
 # Squalene extracted from olive oil
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  #Squalen is widely used in cosmetic products such as face cream / serum, hair conditioner, moisturizing lipsticks, nail care cream.

 # Squalene is considered one of the most effective moisturizers.
 And it is considered a substance that has beneficial effects on the skin and hair
 It protects the skin from infections by creating an anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial coating on the skin surface and is therefore an excellent oil for treating acne.

 Helps maintain moisture in the skin and is therefore especially suitable for treating dry skin without leaving an oily finish.
 Does not clog pores and is well absorbed into the skin.
 Ideal for use on skin, hair, nail and lip care applications.

 It is a good moisturizer, which helps prevent water loss from the skin and it restores the natural fat stores in the skin.
 It conducts nutrients for rapid absorption in the skin, it is also a powerful antioxidant.
 Used as a serum / oil for hair
 Squalene olive oil works very well as a hair serum, it strengthens and protects it and maintains the moisture of the hair, restores shine and softness to the hair.
 Squalene moisturizes your hair, increases shine and prevents hair breakage. Hair has its own natural oils, however, weather, age, diet and heat damage can dry it out. Squalene can renew the ends of the hair and protect it from further damage.  Of squalene olive oil to the palm and massage your hair to increase the moisture before rinsing in the shower or after overlapping as a hair serum.
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