Commiphora gileadensis Serum cream
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Commiphora gileadensis

Serum cream

Balsam Serum Cream
Enriched with vegetable extracts and oils, natural sunscreen, persimmon perfume extract and pure balsamic oil!
Many naturally occurring and emulsifying phospholipids are naturally occurring. #Phospholipids are the major component of human cell membranes. Their structures allow special protein molecules to selectively transport ions through membranes. The phospholipids look like triglycerides except that one of the H.S. One is replaced by a phosphorus compound, a phosphorus ester. The phosphorus compound raises the attraction to the water of the glyceride and thus allows it to act as an emulsifier. Persimmon oil is suitable as a cream used in products for dry and sensitive skin and for skin parts with persistent problems. It is also suitable for normal skin on all its parts, especially for the face, which has a softening and soothing effect on the skin. Ointment and natural antioxidant. Balsam cream The ancient persimmon gives the skin a softer and smoother feeling, reducing the feeling of roughness, cracks and irritation.
The #person_cream application is at the level of a "cream on" treatment serum for skin restoration and moisturizing. It has the ability to penetrate the epidermis and carry substances to the right cell level. Enriched with marula and sabra oil and pure licorice-enriched sunflower oil, it can also form cell-like structures called liposomes. A liposome is formed when a group of phospholipids are located on the skin. They arrange themselves spontaneously so that their water-loving heads fit together and their oil-loving tails together so that a microscopic sphere is formed. These spheres are similar in structure to a real cell membrane. They can also pass through the epidermis and act as carriers of substances that bind themselves. The unique formula is suitable for dry and sensitive skin and for skin parts with persistent problems. Highly recommend for the transition period enriched with moisture and only natural minerals !!
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