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The eucalyptus medicinal plant is collected in the wild all year round straight from the Galilee

region. It is grown bio-organically and collected in the wild. The price below is per 50g.

The eucalyptus medicinal plants are known and familiar to almost every household. The popular eucalyptus strain known to everybody is the Globolus. It is anti-viral, anesthetic, expectorant (during gargling), drive (when smelled). It is very effective for respiratory problems (as a carburetor in kids’ rooms, a few drops at the edge of pillows, massages with basic oils on the chest, hot bath with 15 drops), for acne, to disinfect wounds, as a desired additive to rosemary for treatment with lice. It is used in many products to treat coughing, toothpaste, and for those to ease breathing.

It is effective in treating bacteria and mosquitos (water combined with a few eucalyptus drops sprayed across the room).

This plant comes from eucalyptus trees that can be found all over Israel.

The plant can be used for internal and external use and is mainly used to treat problems associated with: short breath, joints, throat.

The package of this plant is enough for 4 weeks of treatment.