Origanum Vulgare
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Origanum Vulgare

The Orignaum vulgare medicinal plant is collected in the wild all year round straight from the

Galilee region. It is grown bio-organically and collected in the wild. The price below is per 50g.

In vegan medicine, the origanum vulgare is used to treat digestive tract disesases, the nervous system, asthma, coughing, heartburn, rheumatism, toothaches and headaches.

This plant is rich is etheric oils which is primarily made up of a group of phenols that are known for their disinfection capabilities as well as their ability to assist in healing diseases caused by fungus and bacteria.

It has antimicrobial characteristics mainly due to it containing thymol, a phenol that is an antibiotic – used to treat coughing.

The package of this plant is enough for 4 weeks of treatment.