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A series of golden truffle care products enriched with marula Esau oil on hand for the new year in the series: truffle treatment serum, truffle restorative facial oil, soft exfoliating soap that combines clay and truffle black diamond.
 We will expand here on the unique truffle serum that combines marula, a perfect substitute for lifting the face. Especially brightens with an advanced truffle formula
 Black truffle serum, lightening enriched with oil and truffle extract made from blue and white straight from the Golan Heights.  The truffle mushroom is the most expensive mushroom in the world.  It contains a considerable amount of minerals, vitamins, proteins and enzymes, which know how to isolate free radicals and prevent them from damaging the skin.
 The serum combines a unique technology that encourages healthy, taut and supple skin, shiny and radiant for a vital, firm and fresh look. Truffles are known for their high mineral content and strengthening and nourishing ingredients that infuse moisture into the skin.  They help create a protective layer that protects the skin from trans-epidermal water loss through the skin and thus play an important role in nourishing the skin with moisture.  Which are very active and invigorating substances to the point that one treatment is enough to show the difference.
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