Hair Mesotherapy
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Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy and hair loss treatment for home-based treatment. This can be very effective in realizing results. Includes: a roll and 30 cc of growth complex. 

Hair loss can result from many different reasons, including stress, mental pressure, depression, and other diseases. Additionally, poor nutrition can less to hair loss, as the hair roots do not receive enough nourishment. Other popular reasons for hair include: lack of vitamins and consistent use of chemical-based medicines.

With mesotherapy, it is possible to get to the source of the problem, to the base of the scalp. The medicinal-plant based treatment helps provide the missing pieces needed to strengthen the hair and prevent further hair shedding. Mesotherapy should take place once a week with care. It is recommend to use this in conjunction with plant-based extracts such as a growth serum.

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The kit includes: 1 roll and one 30 cc vegetation complex, 1 3,6 omega and urtica tea.