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Shea butter
Shea Butter Shea Butter 50 ml
Enriched and organic biological quality
It all started because Rani Erez returned from Ghana in Africa ... He brought a total of 5 kg of raw gold shea butter in a yellowish yellowish green with a touch of magic
Before we move on, a few words about the origin of Shea butter. It is actually a core of gift nut, nutifolia fruit. This huge tree, which grows in West Africa, begins to bear fruit only when it reaches the age of 25. But only when it reaches the age of 40 is its fruit at its highest quality deeper than its roots in the soil, as its fruits are rich in medicinal properties.
And when these natural healing properties meet the delicate skin of our babies - so many good things happen. We made a special list of uses for babies and children, out of hundreds of degrees of magic butter, Shea butter. Best cut and save: Shea Butter Magic
If you are looking closely at the list of components of natural skin care products for your baby skin care, you probably noticed one ingredient that is repeated in almost every product. Shea butter is not yet as mainstream as other natural ingredients such as aloe vera, olive oil and even coconut oil, but you know you can really swear on the wonderful qualities of Shea, and from it we learned that it is very good to get homemade products with the same wonderful butter and of course ensure that We have at hand as pure shea butter in high quality as possible. Sheya tree is common throughout the African savannah, from Gambia to Uganda. It is a tree that rises to a height of 9-12 meters and produces a plum-sized fruit. Each fruit contains one or two seeds of brilliant brown color and these seeds are extracted from the butter. The color of the raw butter is greenish, and is usually mixed with the remains of resin found in the fruit, but after the appropriate process of purification, which includes the removal of these residues of resin, white cream and cream is obtained. This soft butter melts at body temperature. Shea butter has been used by African people for centuries, both as edible fat as a body care product.