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Terms of Use:

All content on the site is not a substitute for professional advice. The contents appearing on the site are intended to provide information and are not within the scope of medical advice, professional medical opinion and / or substitute for consultation with an expert physician / therapist.


The information and content appearing on the site are provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind.

The contents of the site do not constitute medical advice, professional opinions, or a substitute for consultation with an expert.

Users will not have any claim, demand or claim of any kind

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Note: In any case and in any order that will not be executed for any reason that the customer decided not to receive delivery after the credit card is given and the order is executed, the customer will be charged full shipping and packaging fees and not less than NIS 145.

* In addition, if the order was not made through the site, but by personal consultation by our representative, the customer will be charged 10% of the value of the transaction with the cancellation of the transaction, including: consultation fees, shipping and packing fees.

Warning: We make every effort to offer you reliable and up-to-date information. However, the information 
contained in the web pages or information provided in writing or orally by our representatives is intended for the purpose of disseminating general knowledge, and in no way is intended to replace medical advice. For self-care or treatment of another person, consult a physician or a person authorized to give medical advice. The products described or mentioned on this site are not medicines and do not replace medicines. Use of plants or other products described in this site requires medical discretion in certain cases, and should therefore be consulted by an appropriate specialist. mrphbosem.ltd Center for Herbalists Ltd and the editors of the site content are not responsible for any case of uncontrolled, unprofessional or illegal use of the information or products mentioned.
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