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Majorana syrica
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Majorana Syrica Hissop

The majorana syrica wild hissop is collected all year round, straight from the Galilee region. It is

grown bio-organically and collected in the wild. The price below is per 50g.

It is an ancient plant that can be used as a disinfectant, expectorant, effective for respiratory

problems, wounds and dermatitis. Recommendation for professional use only – not allowed to be

used during pregnancy, by those suffering from

epilepsy, and for those suffering from high blood

pressure. Especially effectives for stomach pains, nausea, colds, ear pains, coughing, headaches,

stomach worms, eczema, gingivitis, and more.

It is recommend to place it in hot water once a day.

The package of this plant is enough for 4 weeks of treatment.