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Citron-citron medicinal
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The citron medicinal plant is collected in the wild all year round straight from the Galilee

region. It is grown bio-organically and collected in the wild. The price below is per 50g.

The citron seeds are useful for treating kidney pains and the oil that is produced from the peel,

can be used to treat ear pains.


Tree citrons in Ethipoia  include different materials including a carbohydrate by the name of

Terpene, which together with magnesium creates a material that has tremendous influence –

MTC. MTC can be used to treat cancer cells, bacteria and fungus. The MTC is found in citrus

fruits and in the leaves.

Vitamin C, from the very beginning, has been a considered a biologically essential element with

many different functions. The body is unable to create its own Vitamin C and therefore, relies on

the food we consume to meet its needs.

Vitamin C’s Contribution to Human Health:

Main proteins needed to build and connect cells related to our skin, gums, joints and muscles.

It is also known to strengthen the immune systems and to release antibodies and to assist in

treating wounds.

The package of this plant is enough for 4 weeks of treatment.